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Closer to ‘The Edge’

The Namibian film industry is set for a major shake-up with the upcoming launch of The Edge – a television series centred on power and ambition and softened by elements of love and family ties. The Dash Studios-produced pilot project is set for release early next year.

Created by Dalton Ashikoto, the fictional TV series follows the life of Papa K (Ashikoto), a powerful and ruthless man in a world characterised by cut-throat business dealings. Papa K is a bogus ‘man-of-god’ lured into the world of faith by the ease with which he can use the noble institution and its ‘sheeple’ as accessories in his booming money laundering enterprise. He is recently divorced from Sade (Barbara Kahatjipara), a similarly powerful and gorgeous woman with whom he has two children, Tangeni and Magano.

Stay scheming

The series trails Papa K as he schemes from his church’s pulpit to other underhand activities with utter disregard for the welfare of anyone who dares to stand in his way. Papa K is a megalomaniac who brings new meaning to the term ‘nouveau riche’, with his ability to move with stealth between the outwardly legit business empire and the underhand shenanigans at the church.

Driven by a desire to become the world’s wealthiest man, to him, everything is a business decision. He is well on his way to achieve this objective when his friend and business partner, Jela (Jeremiah Ndjoze) becomes a liability. Jela has to be eliminated in cold blood.

With this move, in comes Papa K’s estranged brother Simba (Edo ‘Dice’ Lutete), a police officer. While they are tolerant of one another, it is clear that there is no love lost between the two brothers as Simba attempts to get to the bottom of Jela’s disappearance.

Simba is assertive with a strong moral compass. He believes that he was placed on this earth to right the wrongs in it. But his hands are not entirely clean. Simba has a romantic past with Jessica (Odile Gertze), Papa K’s trophy live-in girlfriend. Jessica is in it for the money and exudes an aura of sexuality - enough to keep Papa K interested and possessive. But she is not the only woman Papa K has his eye on.

The plot thickens

The plot thickens with the introduction of Mbali (Maria Nepembe). She is a meticulous personal assistant one moment, and a conniving go-getter the next. But it remains to be seen as to whether her poison is more potent than that of Kojo (Cheez Uahupirapi), Papa K’s trusted ‘lieutenant’ who brings more dramatic tension into the story.

In the midst of all these problems enters Laurent Kasongo (Obed Emvula), Papa K’s ‘new client’ - a thuggish, self-made man keeping a clean front. He has mastered the art of gentle persuasion.

Overall, The Edge unveils a world in which all inhabitants have individual ulterior motives. And in the jungle, only the weak get eaten.